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1. Registration

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Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:15 pm

You do not need to register to view this forum but if you would like to post new topics or reply to existing ones you need to register. You also need to register to download foray records. In order to register you must email me first in order to obtain a code. I've had to introduce this step because there have been hundreds of fake registrations and this measure prevents them. So here is what you need to do.

1. Email me to obtain the code you'll need during registration. (If you don't know my email address google David Farley Devon Fungus Group). Once you have the code click on the 'register' link towards the top right side of the page.

2. This opens a standard terms and conditions page and you have to click on ' I agree to these terms ' button to proceed.

3. You can now fill in your registration details. You can choose any user name, (I use my own). Now choose a password which you can remember (I can't obtain forgotten passwords for you). Re-enter your password to confirm and keep it safe.

4. You do not need to alter the time/date settings as these should default to local time.

5. Enter the code I 've sent to you exactly as written.

6. When you're happy with everything click on submit. You should now see a confirmation message and be able to login directly from the link on the top right corner.


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