4. Managing images

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4. Managing images

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Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:09 pm

1. This forum has a sophisticated image management facility and should be easy to use. To post an image you must first have an open message. This can be a new topic, a reply to someone else's topic or your own message if you choose to edit it.

2. There are two ways to upload images. (a) Locate your image file using windows explorer or have the file ready on your desktop and use your mouse to drag it into the message window. Underneath the message window on the right side you'll see a green bar which changes to a green tick when your file has finished uploading. (b) Click on the attachment tab underneath the message window and navigate to your file from there, click on open and the file will upload.

3. To see the image in line with your post select the box saying inline (If you have uploaded multiple images you need to do this for each one). You will now see a file name in brackets in your message window.

4. Click on submit or preview and you will see a thumbnail of you image.

5. Click on the image and this will now display at a higher resolution (upto 1600x1200max or to whatever size your original image was).

6. To close the larger image you can click anywhere outside the image or click the X atthe bottom right handcorner of the image.

Note. I have set the maximum file size for upload at 8mb. Anything larger than this will result in a 'file too large message'. Very large files will take longer to upload and process so I recommend taking photos at a lower resolution for web use or resizing them before upload if you can. This is especially important if you have a slow internet connection.


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