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Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:11 pm

Now that you are registered you have full access to most of the features of the DFG forum.

1. The top panel includes a search facility for use on the forums. We may need this if we have lots of topics later.

2. The second panel has quick links to various information on posts and next to this is a link to frequently asked questions (FAQ). These are provided by the the board's authors and not by me and provides much detailed information on how to use the forum.

On the righthand side of this panel you'll see links to notifications, private messages (from other users) and also your own user name with a drop down arrow. Click on this error to access you personal profile and control panel and also to log out.

3. On the left side of the third panel there are links to 'Home' which takes you back to the main website and next to this is 'Forum index'. Clicking on 'Forum index at any time takes you back to the main page of the board.

4. Next, you will see the separate sub forums (presently Welcome, Forays, Identifications and General) on the main page. Clicking on any of these opens that forum and the separate topics are then visible.

5. To return to the main page you need to click on 'Forum index' which is the the left side of the third panel from the top next to the 'Home' symbol. (The home link takes you back to the main DFG website which isn't ready yet).


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