Jane, tentative ID?

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Jane, tentative ID?

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Thu Nov 24, 2022 10:35 pm

Hi everybody,
Regarding the first two posts, re; "The Ugli Duckling", could it be the Buttercap Mushroom (pinkish var.) Rhodocollybia butyracea. I originally thought, when it was immature and using a very old Collins guide, that it was a Greasy Tough-shank, but became increasingly unsure as it matured. Any thoughts? Anybody??!

Here's another one that's bugging me.
Small (1 - 3cm max) pink-brown bracket on dead hazel. Flammulina sp? (elastica?) Cap, pink-brown, "felted" appearance, irregular edge. Gills same colour as cap, not all reach central point with stem. Stem, off-white, colouring as cap nearer the bark, white "hairy" area on top of cap, where it meets the dead bark. No spore print as yet. See pics. Look forward to seeing any comments. Stay well, Jane.
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