Jane, again.

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Jane, again.

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Sun Dec 18, 2022 8:32 pm

Hi All,
I seem to be the only one posting on this forum; am I in some sort of alternative reality? Maybe it's a ghost forum and I'm haunting it! I notice the last haunting was a while back, by Gary, who's been trapped in here, alone, since 2019. Oh M.G.!!
So, in an effort to lighten the mood, a picture of a Pink Waxcap (Porpolomopsis calyptriformis) in my front lawn...and, a picture of a pale yellow waxcap, almost identical in form (and living very close by). Are they just different colour varieties, or is this a different waxcap? Any input would be very welcome.
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Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year,

david farley
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Re: Jane, again.

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Wed Jan 11, 2023 4:01 pm

Hello Jane, yes I'm afraid there are few users of the forum at the moment. It's a pity because it's a better place for discussion than Facebook in my opinion but our group members seem to prefer that. Anyway, keep posting and I'll try to encourage people to use this forum in future.

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