Our library

We have a good selection of specialised books on fungi which members can borrow without charge. Please see our current selection below.

Books that are best used with a microscope

Funga Nordica  The most complete and up to date volume covering most of the genera of larger fungi excluding ascomycetes. No photos but line drawings of microscopic features

Microfungi on Land Plants  The ’bible’ for those seeking to identify the myriads of inconspicuous species that are found on living plants and dead plants.  No photos but line drawings of microscopic features  

The genus Agaricus in Britain

The Genus Amanita in Britain

British Boletes

The Genus Russula in Britain

The above four texts are by Geoffrey Kibby and include excellent photos and keys to groups and species.

Field Guides

Collins Complete Field Guide to British Mushrooms and Toadstools (Sterry And Hughes, 2009)

Field Guide to Mushrooms of Britain and Europe (Grunert, Ed, Reid 95)

Encyclopedia of Fungi  (Keizer,  97)

Encyclopedia of Fungi (Jordan)

Mushrooms (Svrcek)

Mushrooms and Toadstools (Phillips, 1st Edition)

Mushrooms and Toadstools (Phillips, 2nd Edition)

Mushrooms and Toadstools (Duhem & Cortecuisse)

More generalised books about fungi

Mushrooms and Toadstools (Ramsbottom, 89)

Mushroom Magic (Jordan, 89)

Fungi (Watling, 03)


Field Mycology.  Published quarterly, we have subscribed from  2015 onwards.

How to borrow books

Email your request to me (David Farley)  before any foray. There is no time limit on how long you can borrow books or journals but in order to return the book you’ll need to bring it along to a foray or be prepared to post it if it is requested by another member. To be fair to everyone, I suggest that books are not borrowed for longer than 3 months in any case.